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The New - UHA - SuperDeck and SuperRecordDeck

Two New UHA SuperDecks Are Now Available!
(Scroll down to see the SuperDeck, the new UHA playback only deck)

1.) The new UHA SuperRecordDeck
 UHA Redefines Reel to Reel Tape Recording in the Audiophile World.
The SuperRecordDeck is an all out assault on 1/4" two track tape recording. No expense was spared.

If You Want Audiophile Quality Recording
 It is now available in the New UHA SuperRecordDeck
- All new board designs in a full dual mono recording system.
- New separate power boards for direct and shielded power distribution.
- The same newly designed gain stages used in the SuperDeck are used in the recording procress.
- The same new EQ stages used in the SuperDeck are used in the recording process.
 - New Space Age boards, (certified for use in space) are used for all recording functions, recording signal, oscillator, power, gain are all made from hyper pure copper with real gold sandwiched above and below the copper with a ceramic dielectric, same as in the SuperDeck.
- The SuperRecordDeck uses the great proprietary UHA Record Head that is set into a shielded mu-metal can to avoid RF and EMI interference.
- New high quality recording gain pots are used and new aluminum knobs.
- Shortest recording signal paths possible.
-New SuperRecordDeck metal faceplate with laser cut indicators, plus a new unique hour
glass carbon fiber damping plate between the reels.
- With the optional UHA Rack system the tape transport is suspended in a gel system to avoid vibrations.
- The recording function lies directly in the UHA Tape Transport for the shortest signal paths possible.
- There is even a switch to bypass the VU meters for the cleanest recording possible.
Why have a varying signal influencing the recording signal?
- For playback the SuperRecordDeck also has the exact same UHA Head Amp and Outboard Power Supply as the SuperDeck.

So the SuperRecordDeck is the best of both worlds, audiophile quality playback and recording in one tape deck.

UHA builds an all new Oscillator System with dedicated board for 2021!
The new recording system features a separate board for the oscillator to isolate that function completely.
An all new UHA oscillator was designed and built specifically for UHA by a company in Great Brittian, it will actually hold an exact frequency
and not produce a saw toothed frequency response as oscillators do in 40 to 60 year old decks of all makes and models.
This results in a steady sign wave and avoids possible distortions or abnormalities in the recording process.

2.) The New UHA SuperDeck
When You Only Intend To Playback High Quality Master Tape Copies.
The SuperDeck brings a cost no object Audiophile Quality Tape Playback System.

The All New UHA - SuperDeck - $89,998
The "ne plus ultra" of high-fidelity playback.

The SuperDeck is the product of years of research and development by a team of pro's, boasting the best of the best cost no object parts and design.
The goal was to make a statement component to breathe new life into what was considered a dead music format.  

Jonathan Valin - The Absolute Sound May 25, 2021
Read the full review here - The Absolute Sound - UHA SuperDeck Review
"But when it comes to sonic completeness—which, along with neutrality, plays such a key role in turning
ersatz into real—R2R stands apart, as does Greg’s latest creation, the SuperDeck.
Put simply, it is the best tape machine he’s built (by far) and,
given a great tape, the most realistic source component I’ve yet heard".

The UHA SuperDeck System:
Most UHA Customers want their decks optimized for playback of the New-Generation Master Tapes.
That configuration is playback only at 15ips - IEC EQ - 2 track.
However any UHA deck can be set up to record at 15ips or 7.5ips.
Also playback can be IEC - NAB - 15ips or 7.5ips.

SuperDeck Dimensions:
Base plate of the rack = 22"w x 16.5"d
Width of the rack tower = 21.25"
Height  of the rack at the tallest point = 29.5"
Outboard head amp and the outboard power supply = 19.5"w x 16.25d x 6"h, (7.25"h with the HiFiStay Footers)     

New Videos On The UHA SuperDeck Systems:

SuperDeck Tape Transport

SuperDeck Outboard Head amp

SuperDeck Outboard Power Supply

SuperDeck Rear Connections and Features

The SuperDeck Rack System and Optional Footers

This all new design encorporates the best of the best:
- Hyper pure copper audio boards with real gold sandwitched above and below the copper.  
- Ceramic composite board dielectric that will not allow high frequencies to permiate the dielectric and smear the sound.. Certified for use in outer space!
- The best fully discrete pure class A gain stages.
- The best capacitors hand made by Rel Caps now owned by Wilson Audio called "SuperCaps".
- The finest hand matched resistors available.
- Billet aluminum chassis, (no sheet metal) lined with Richlite for vibration damping.
- An integrated rack system  that suspends the tape transport in a gel to avoid both acoustic vibrations but also mechanical vibrations.
- HifiStay footers under the Head Amp and Ouboard Power Supply completly isolate these units from vibrational energy.
- The Outboard Power Supply converts AC from the wall to DC to power both the Tape Transport and the Head Amp all runs 100% on DC power.
- The Outboard Power Supply has three toroidal power transformers, one runs the tape transport and the other two are the right and left channelk power supplies.
- A 100% true dual mono circuit from power supply to the outputs.
- All Furutech high end chassis mount connectors.
- Custom designed VU meters for UHA, large with black bezels, also includes a switch to take the VU meters out of the signal path for the purest sound.

See Pictures Of The Five UHA Systems That Make Up The SuperDeck Below The Description

Microsoft Word Document
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Microsoft Word Document

The UHA SuperDeck consists of three parts, plus it also offers two additional options.
First, a rack system to allow the tape transport to float free from vibrational energy.
Second, HiFi Stay footers that suspend the Outboard Head Amp and the Outboard Power Supply
to float free of vibrational energy.

1.) The UHA Tape Transport System

2.) The Outboard Tape Head Amp

3.) The Outboard Power Supply (OPS)

4.) The UHA Rack System (optional, $6500)

5.) HifiStay Footers
(optopnal, $2000 for eight pieces under Head Amp and OPS)

The UHA SuperDeck Receives a Golden Ear Award
from The Absolute Sound Magazine for 2021
Also got a mention on the front cover!

Read Jonathan Valin's comments on the SuperDeck below.

New Carbon Fiber Damping System for the front of the deck, looks great too...
The extra knobs and switches were removed from the tape transport for a more focused transport appearance.

All new optional billet aluminum rack system that suspends the tape transport in a gel system to shield it from vibrations.
The rack system also has a dedicated shelf for the UHA Tape Head Amp, this takes up less rack space in your system.
                      Furutech top line carbon fiber XLR connectors - Special shielded wire. - Optional Hifi Stay Footers under the Head Amp and the Outboard Power Supply


Optional HifiStay Footers

What Capacitors Do You Use In a SuperDeck?
-United Home Audio SuperCaps of course-

Some SuperDeck Detail Photos


Some Rear Plate Details
Billet aluminum rear plates with laser engraved lettering.
Thick Billet Aluminum Chassis

Very strong rack system for the tape transport and Outboard Head Amp!

Rear of the Head Amp
HiFiStay Footers under the Head Amp