UHA Clearaudio Upgrades

UHA High Mass Feet (UHA HMF)
for your clearaudio turntables.
(We can also custom make them for any turntable or component that has screw on feet.)
Stock Clearaudio foot left, UHA HMF right, huge difference!

Special introductory offer, prices will go up soon!
Upgrade prices for the following turntables:
Solution / Master Solution / Anniversary / Innovation (does not require motor riser)
Emotion / Performance / Champion series
$499.95 for 3 - 3"x 3" UHA HMF
$65 for a matching 1.5" motor riser
(raises the height of the motor to match the height of the UHA HMF)
Upgrade prices for the following turntables:
The Maximum Solution / The Master Reference
$999.00 includes motor risers
What are the differences everyone is raving over?
1.) Black backgrounds, a vast and immediately discernable reduction in the noise floor.
2.) Tighter bass, the bass is faster and more defined.
3.) The midrange is much faster, much more dynamic and forceful.
4.) The highs are warmer, more fluid and yet also more defined.
5.) The soundstage becomes completly new to what you have heard in the past from these TT's.
The soundstage is completly fluid and organic, just awash in micro details and subtle spatial effects.
This is the most cost effective TT upgrade available!
Solution TT with UHA HMF

These high mass feet simply screw on it takes 5 minutes to install!
They add quite a bit of weight to your turntable down low on the table where you want it.
UHA HMF for the Solution series TT's are
3" wide x 3" tall to match the Clearaudio Solution TT pictured.
These feet add almost 20 lbs. to your table!
For comparison the Solution weighs 28 lbs. stock.
That almost doubles the weight of the TT to 48lbs !
Stock turntable pictured below, big difference!

Pictured left is the small stainless steel cone that the large UHA HMF replace, see the difference?
Solution, Master Solution, and Anniversary cone foot pictured above, Master Reference cone foot pictured below.
(Why use brass? It is easier to work with and a bit heavier than stainless steel, we also like the look.)
The difference between the small stock cones and the UHA HMF is massive and it makes a huge difference to the sound quality!
It is literally taking people about 10 seconds to hear the difference!
People are saying that the Solution TT with UHA HMF sounds like a Master Solution TT,
the Master Solution goes to a totally different class of TT!
Clearaudio Master Reference Turntable
UHA High Mass Feet.
Want a serious upgrade to this fantastic TT?
Master Reference TT with the UHA HMF package pictured below

In assition to the 3" x 3" high mass feet on the Master Reference there is an additional high mass motor riser used on the
seperate plinth that the motors sit on. This is required to make sure that the belts stay centered midway on the
80mm platter, this is because the three inch tall UHA HMF raise the height of the turntable almost 2".
Therefore we add another 2" spacer under the motor, a simple and yet elegant solution. This upgrade adds
35 pounds to the mass of the Master Reference Turntable and the
sound improves suprisingly because of this extra mass.

Left is the stock motor spacer right is the UHA High Mass spacer.
Stock Master Reference small cone feet pictured below.
See the small stock motor riser on the right below the motor?
Verses the massive UHA HMF and motor riser below

Clearaudio Master Solution with UHA HMF

Master Solution motor riser turntable with multiple tonearms