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NEW for 2017! The Ultima2 Tape Deck
All UHA decks have DC motors!
Much more speed stable and reliable than 40 year old AC motors with complex bearings that can fail!

The ULTIMA ONE Tape Deck $21,000

Add a DC powered Outboard Power Supply (OPS-DC) to the ULTIMA ONE Deck for an additional $6000.
More Info: NEW! The UHA Pure DC Outboard Power Supply (OPS)

Explore the options for the Ultimate One Tape Deck:
UHA Reel to Reel Tape Deck Option List


Comments from a owner who just upgraded his Phase12 to the Ultima One OPS-DC:

Oh my, where do I start? Just incredible.
I don't know what is doing what, but the synergy of all the changes you made are breathtaking. It is so dead quiet and so pure sounding, you just want to keep cranking the volume because there is no distortion. The sound just radiates to infinity.

The best example was Natalie Merchant's Tigerlily that I heard last night. I never heard it like that before. Her voice was so pure and the instrumentation unadulterated.

So far I also have listened to Arnold Overtures, Miles Davis Kind of Blue and Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti among others and with every tape there is a noticeable difference, which in retrospect made all the upgrades you did with the Ultima One not just worthwhile but absolutely essential.
The ULTIMA ONE Tape Deck is a one box deck featuring an all new head amp design employing
new electronic components that have just become available on the market.

Pure Class A and Fully discrete output circuitry.

All new revolutionary resistor designs with amazing close tolerances.
New Pure Class A gain stage devices fully discrete output
New increases in gain stage values

There was a trickle down effect from the combination of these new components that allowed numerous gain stage values to be increased.
This resulted in a more dynamic and yet natural presentation that, according to one famous audio reviewer, waranted an all new series of decks from UHA!
He actually came up with the name, The "Ultima" Series.
The newest top line deck from UHA is The Ultime One.  

The Ultima One also uses a new dedicated audiophile
quality toroidal power supply (this is also new for the Ultima deck) made for UHA in the same configuration used in the huge transformers in the OPS-DC.
  The one box Ultima One has the new power transformer inside the tape deck, this power transformer is just to power the tape head amps!

The one box Ultima One deck is an AC powered deck.
The Outboard Power Supply OPS-DC deck operates on DC power only, it is an additional $6000 to add the OPS-DC to any UHA deck.  

All new UHA ULTIMA ONE Preamp Design.
New component parts have allowed a sonic breakthrough on the ULTIMA ONE!
The new ULTIMA ONE preamp was a step back and all out assault on what could be accomplished with the output of the finest 1/4" tape head
in the world and a preamp designed specifically designed for the new UHA tape head. It has been 3 years in development and the work of two high end audio engineers, there have been
several "final" configurations that lead to a breakthrough in design that resulted in the ULTIMA ONE Preamp.

There are no output capacitors in the new preamp, no other tape deck can boast this cutting edge design.

Soaring crystal pure highs, dynamic midrange forces, and subterranean hyper pure bass notes
that will send your system to new levels of performance you cannot imagine.
The type of sound that only tape can produce has now gone to a new level.

The ULTIMA ONE is the complete package, a highly stable tape transport with all DC motors for the
 ultimate speed stability and the best dedicated supporting playback components available.

This gives that last measure of purity noticeable in the upper midrange and high end.
The Pro Tascam deck we chose for the UHA-HQ decks allows for a signal cable from tape head to the preamps
of only about 3". This ultra short signal path further cuts noise in the audio signal path.
We use "single crystal" double shielded cable to give that last layer of a quiet pure signal off of the tape head.
This along with the new Ultima One preamp provides the ultimate in dynamics from the highest
to the lowest frequencies.