Speaker Liquidation Event

All these speakers must go to clear room for new speakers!

Acoustic Zen Addagio $4300 sale only $3300!
Burled Maple finish - some cracks in finish

2-way transmission line
30 Hz to 25 kHz ( +/- 3 dB)
3rd order (Linkwitz/Riley)
1 5/8” round ribbon
6.5” w/underhung voice coil (two)
6 Ohms nominal
89 dB SPL @ 1 meter
50 - 200 watts RMS per channel
48” H x 9” W x 13” D
1219.2 mm x 228.6 mm x 330.2 mm
78 lbs. (33.4 kg)

Dali Evidence 470
 $3000 sale only $1600!
 Each of the two 6½” woofer/midrange units are placed in separate bass reflex chambers – a detail which results in lightning fast and totally realistic bass.
Combined with a 1” coated silk dome tweeter, they are connected to DALI’s unique, hand-assembled crossover network which ensures clear undistorted sound.
The Evidence 470 is developed, designed, Hand-built, assembled and individually tested at the DALI factory in Denmark.

Eggleston Isabel speaker $3600 sale only $2200
Sale oThe Isabel is a small monitor of the highest caliber with respectable low frequency response. It is available with a base that makes it stand as tall as the Rosa or the Andra; however, it is not nearly as deep. While the Isabel lacks the dynamics and foundation of our larger speaker systems, the clarity and presence of the music comes through the Isabel as well as any of our other models. The Isabel uses the same world-class tweeter and midrange driver used in all of our models. The Isabel even retains the use of granite side panels as in the rest of our line…

Nola Viper 1 A speaker
$4000 sale only $3000
The Nola Viper I has been upgraded to the Viper IA. The Viper IA now uses a "trickle down" version of the mid bass drivers used in the Grand Reference. These cast frame aluminum cone drivers, which are also used in the Viper IIA, allow piston behavior up to 5 kHz. In the Viper IA they are used only up to 500 Hz, ensuring very low coloration. The new midrange driver created for the Viper IA utilizes the same tri-laminate cone and cast frame as used in the Viper IIA but without the Alnico magnet. Upgraded crossover components provide improved performance.
Additional upgrades include a solid, high gloss, black acrylic sub baffle for improved front baffle damping and lower coloration. All drivers are mounted with machine screws and threaded inserts pressed into the baffle. The mid/high frequency wiring harness is now hidden and runs inside the front baffle. The net result of these upgrades is to provide significantly improved performance in addition to fit and finish.