Rocky Mountain Audio Fest RMAF 2009
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009 NEWS:
Jonathan Valin from
Tha Absolute Sound gives
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009
Best Source Component Award to
The new UHA-HQ Reel to Reel TapeDeck!

Best Sound of Show:
 Vandersteen Model 7, with the Nola Baby Grand Reference, the MBL 111F,
The Nordic Tone, the Lotus Group Granada,
the Anat Reference II (Parish room only), and the GamuT S-9 runners-up

Best Introduction (or Speaker I Hadn’t Heard or Don’t Remember Hearing Before):
 Lotus Group Granada, The Nordic Tone, the Haniwa HSP2H07 (tie)

Best Source Component:
 The UHA-HQ 15ips 2-track tape deck from United Home Audio ($10k)
and Tape Project tapes in the Nola room.

Best Bargain:
Well…in my neck of the woods a bargain ain’t exactly a bargain,
but I did hear Odyssey Khartagos sounding mighty damn sweet in somebody’s room

Biggest Improvement Over Previous Shows:
Focal Grande Utopia and Vivid G1 Giya (tie)

Biggest Improvement During the Show:
 Wilson Sasha W/P


TAS, avguide.com web site forum postings:

Rex (not verified) -- Tue, 10/06/2009 - 17:40

How did the Nola Baby Grands perform when fed by your personal CDs?
Did they even have a CD player set up?


Jonathan Valin -- Wed, 10/07/2009 - 01:27

The UHA-HQ Deck working hard, this deck didn't stop the entire show!