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Reeltronix Take up Reels

NEW FOR 2017!
The all new Reeltronix Take Up Reels!
Just arrived at UHA for evaluation and review
on Positive Feedback Online, by Greg Beron.
The finest take up reels in the world!
UHA has worked with Patrick Sinegal of Reeltronix over the past year to begin manufactured these great reels after terminating production five years ago. Patrick has invested his time and money over the last year to start up his manufacturing chain with an all new reel design for 2017!
Greg Beron has just received the first new Reeltronix reel and the word is... it's  a winner!

Reeltronix Prices:
Order of a minimum of (2) reels at 495.00 each two Tone nickel finish

Order of a minimum of (2) reels at 475.00 each two Tone black finish

For those who want only one (1) reel there will be a 75.00 additional charge, plus any other options listed below.

Other anodized colors Red, Blue etc, 50.00 additional charge for reel parts.
Nickel hub option on other color reel parts (polished outer ring option add 25.00)

If you would like to reserve yours today please email us here.   
Email us at;
mailto: audio@unitedhomeproducts.com

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Current Model for 2017

Reviews of the previous version Reeltronix reels below from :

Positive Feedback Online
Impressions: My Brutus Awards for 2012, Part 1
by David W. Robinson
Not just eye candy! The superbly engineered Reel-Tronix take-up reel…

Another Brutus Award winner this year is in a key support role for RTR machines: the take-up reel.

Anyone who has spent a lot of time with open reel machines knows that a warped, bent, or otherwise out-of-true take-up reel is a serious pain in the ass. The sound of good tape scraping on a take-up has always driven me nuts. Not only is it a distraction in the playback… it shoots the heck out of a quiet room… but it's a sign that damage and deformation is happening, and that your RTR machine is having to fight wow and flutter. And it's probably losing.

Who needs to spend thousands for a quality open reel machine, and hundreds of dollars per tape, only to have a warped take-up reel screw things up?
The good news is that you don't have to. Through Greg Beron of United Home Audio, I learned of Patrick Sinegal and Reel-Tronix. They produce big-time beautiful precision take-up reels via first-rate CMC processes. Patrick sent me a sample of their work; you see it in the two photographs above. Naturally the Reel-Tronix reel is a knock-out to look at… it really puts the Boop in Betty!...but the really good news is that it noticeably improved the quality of the playback. The tape feed became absolutely quiet and smooth. The linearity of transport led to a rock-steady transmission of notes and tones, and seemed to improve imaging, which became less unfocused. Naturally, scrape-free transport also meant that my precious tapes were not being periodically scalped at the edge, and my blood pressure stayed where it should be while listening. Patrick's reels are the best that I've ever seen by parsecs…this is fine, precision work.
What's to say? An obvious 2012 Brutus Award winner for tape accessories! If you have a RTR machine, don't even think about it. Get in touch with Patrick and Reel-Tronix, and order a batch for yourself ASAP.

Positive Feedback ISSUE 62
july/august 2012
A Quartet of Analog Accessories
by Myles B. Astor

Patrick began building his reels as a hobby and later with a little nudging from Greg Beron of United Home Audio (who manufactures his own line of highly modified and customized, UHA/Tascam reel-to-reel decks), was persuaded to make his reels commercially available.

No doubt that some audiophiles will gasp in shock at the Reeltronix's price ($375-395 each) but Patrick's reels are more than just another pretty face on the block. Besides, all it takes is a quick search on eBay to see what original rather industrial and pedestrian looking Technics reels command. And quite frankly those original Technics reels don't come close to the build quality of the Patrick's reels nor are they much cheaper either. The Reeltronix reels are available in a variety of finishes (with more promised) designed to match your deck (s) and hubs and include red and polished Al, and black and polished Al and polished and anodized blue reels (see Reeltronix website for pictures). (As we know, owning reel-to-reel decks is like eating Lays Potato Chips; you can't own just one!) The reel used for this review (with my Technics deck) was the polished nickel and matte nickel Reeltronix reel.

So what are a few of the differences between something like Jeff Jacob's J-corder Professional Precision Reels-Technics style and Patrick's Reeltronix reels? To start with, Patrick's Reeltronix reels are machined from sheets of domestic Aluminum rather than being stamped from Aluminum. Machining, as opposed to stamping, enhances the reel's stability and flatness but also makes them harder to mass produce. After handling one of Patrick's reels, all other reels feel flimsy by comparison. In the end Patrick's reels are far sturdier and really snap onto and lock down onto my Darklab NAB hub adaptor. Next, the Reeltronix packs tape far better than my J-corder Technics style reels and spins like a dynamically balanced car wheel. Then Patrick punches holes in the reel's rim in order to reduce the reel's total mass and consequently the strain on the deck's motors (and Technics machines used those big motors also used on their direct drive turntables). Finally, the Reeeltronix reels "openness" allows for easier viewing of the tape leader as well as leader between tracks.

Of course, the proverbial $64,000 question is does the Reeltronix take-up reel sound better than my stock J-Corder feed reel? While quick comparisons aren't practical, the Reeltronix reels sounded better than my J-corder/Technics reels in several important areas that may be linked to a reduction in the machine's wow and flutter. To begin with, there's a sizable increase in the solidity of images within the soundstage. Next, there's a feeling of more information, particularly in the midrange area. Finally, there's a greater sense of low frequency weight.
A great addition to any reel-to-reel tape deck!

Below are pictures of previous versions of the Reeltronix take up reels.
SORRY! These are now collector items and are no longer available for purchase!

Below are some collector editions of the past Reeltronix Reels, sorry, all but the current reel are no longer available!
Bottom left is a stock reel for comparison.
Top left to right, white reel, silver reel, red reel.
Bottom left to right stock reel, current Reeltronix Reel for sale in black, black gold plated reel.  

Silver Reel
Black mat finish with gold plated screws
Gloss Black with gold plated screws
White with chrome