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UHA Tape Deck Prices and Features
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The Award Winning UHA Tape Decks.
When you must have the finest recording and playback possible.  


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See below for explinations of the various models.

UHA INTRODUCES the Holistic Quality Deck
Reliability - Functionality - Sound Quality - Warranty!

The HQ in UHA-HQ stands for Holistic Quality, the UHA deck engineers have employed total control of the playback and recording capabilities used in the decks.

"THE" newest / oldest, and simply the best
"High Resolution Audio" format
We now have several models available all based on "Professional decks".
The workhorse decks are made for a professional recording studio and will provide precision performance
over the long haul. These decks were manufactured until 2003 or 2004 and are built like a tank, almost as heavy too.
We chose this deck because it is compatable with the New Generation Master Tape copies and offers a host of professional features.
But foremost was the fact that these are not 40 year old decks like the Technics 1500's, Studer's, Ampex or Revox's.
A 40 / 50 year old deck like a 40 / 50 year old car will have it's mechanical problems, not to mention parts will not be available.
That's why we can offer a two year parts and labor warranty on the UHA-HQ decks!
Any shipping charges are not included in warranty.


Most other tape decks being modified for Master Tape playback are set up for playback only, they do not record.
The Decks using an external head amp are set up for playback only.
If this is the type deck you are interested in compare them to the UHA PB (playback) decks.
However as an added benefit bear in mind that the PB decks do record quite well, we do not disconnect the recording capability on UHA decks!

Option / Price list with explanations below.

Starting at only $8900
We have packages that simplify your choices, call or email for further details.
We can simplify your choices and create a deck within your budget.

Phase8PB Deck = $8900
1.) New "G3.8 preamp: Complete preamp redesign that provides a more direct signal path
 resulting in improved playback.
2.) Removal of countless FET's in the audio control signal path.
3.) Black gloss, Silver, or Red, quality paint.
4.) NEW audiophile quality vibration canceling feet.
5.) Custom 10.5" NAB hubs in black.

Redesign of Playback Preamp:
This all new circuitry removes the syncro circuit, muting circuit, fixed output circuit,
 these are entire circuits composed of 38 FET’s that inhibit the purity of the signal path.
A newly designed high end playback preamp gives a great sound to the playback of New-Gen Master Tapes. There are extremely high end components in the Phase3 preamp, the latest high end electronic components on the market are employed in this cost no object redesign. This is not a just a capacitor or resistor “modifiers upgrade” this is a step back analyze and redesign done by experienced electrical engineers with 35+ years of experience. The latest and best Quality Burr Brown IEC’s, an esoteric choice in capacitors, high end shielded wiring. Even the same High Quality gold relay used in the Conrad Johnson Art  preamp is used as a switching device between input and playback, this change alone will eliminate 8 FET’s in the signal path!
This redesign of the playback preamp results in the deck’s playback capabilities having an undeniably superior realism, more powerful dynamics, and a beautiful three dimensional soundstage.

Phase9PB Deck = $12,500

1.) New "G3.9" preamp plus the UHA-HQ Playback tape head!
This head was chosen after a year long exhaustive search for the best sounding head in the world!
Six tape heads were auditioned, different manufacturers, different outputs and different impeadences were auditioned.
The chosen head had a completly new output value and impeadence that is made only for United Home Audio.
Also custom mu metal "cans" were fitted over the heads to shield noise from thee head, providing an ultra quiet head for record or playback.
The UHA-HQ heads are bolted to the headblock, and aligned by a special optic device to assure perfect alignment.
Because they are bolted to the head block they will never goi out of alignment.
The UHA Heads are made of steel so they will give a lifetime of service with virtually no worry of head wear.
2.)     The new "G3.9" HQ Playback also requires an all out redesign of the preamp specifically
for the UHA-HQ Playback Head.
New direct circuit path playback preamp design.
Hand matched esoteric electronic components, even capicitors with silk dielectric.
New internal wiring, double shielded high quality cast silver wire and single crystal copper wire are chosen for their individual
 charastics to compliment the different signal paths of the deck.
New output connectors, Furtech Gold XLR's and Gold RCA's
New 15 amp IEC for use with a high quality power cable.

Remember this deck like all UHA decks does record as well.
The tape recording capabilities of reel to reel decks is awesome, legendary in fact.

The new hand-made UHA-HQ Playback head is an all out assault on the best playback possible in the world at this time.
This head is 3 times as big as a stock head and caused its own set of challenges getting it to fit on the Tascam head block.
However it was done and works perfectly to say the least.

Phase9 Deck  = $14,500
1.) New G-3.9 preamp plus the UHA-HQ Record head and Phase9 record preamp.
The same attention to detail with the playback head was employed in the choice for the Record head.
This head was chosen after a year long exhaustive search for the best sounding head in the world!
Five record tape heads were auditioned, different manufacturers, different outputs and different impeadences were auditioned.
Also custom "cans" were fitted over the heads to shield noise from thee head, providing an ultra quiet head for record or playback.
The UHA-HQ heads are bolted to the headblock, and aligned by a special optic device to assure perfect alignment.
Because they are bolted to the head block they will never goi out of alignment.
The UHA Heads are made of steel so they will give a lifetime of service with virtually no worry of head wear.

The new record preamp was a step back and all out assault on what could be accomplished with the output of the finest 1/4" tape head in the world and a preamp.
It has been 3 years in development and the work of two high end audio engineers, there have been several "final" configurations that lead to a breakthrough in design that
resulted in the Unity7 preamp. Soaring crystal pure highs, dynamic midrange forces, and subterranean hyper pure bass notes that will send your system to new levels of performance.
The type of sound that only tape can produce has now gone to a new level.
The new record preamp was specifically designed as one with the UHA-HQ record head.
If you want to be able to make the finest recordings then this is your deck! Record from vinyl and you will be amazed.
Like the UHA-HQ playback head this head is 5 times the size of the stock head and was a challenge getting it to fit on the head block.
It required a redesign of the block but in the end it was a smashing success. All UHA-HQ heads are bolted in place for a lifetime of perfectly aligned recording.

Phase10PB deck $15,500
1.) An all new UHA-Q dedicated audiophile toroidal
power supply just for the New "G3.10 preamps!
2.) All new "UHA Phase10" Record Preamp Design.
The new Unity8  preamp was a step back and all out assault on what could be accomplished with the output of the finest 1/4" tape head
in the world and a preamp. It has been 3 years in development and the work of two high end audio engineers, there have been
several "final" configurations that lead to a breakthrough in design that resulted in the Unity8 Preamp.

Soaring crystal pure highs, dynamic midrange forces, and subterranean hyper pure bass notes
that will send your system to new levels of performance you cannot imagine.
The type of sound that only tape can produce has now gone to a new level.

Complete with the best dedicated supporting components available.

This gives that last measure of purity noticeable in the upper midrange and high end.
The Pro Tascam deck we chose for the UHA-HQ decks allows for a cable from tape head to the preamps
of only about 3". This ultra short signal path further cuts noise in the audio signal path.
We use "single crystal" double shielded cable to give that last layer of a quiet pure signal off the heads.
This along with the new Unity8 preamp provides the ultimate in dynamics from the highest
to the lowest frequencies.

After months of listening trials with a panel of audiophiles (thanks guys!) we have come to a unanimous decision on the final Phase8 deck January 2011.
This decision was not left to one designer, or one engineer, or just one set of ears. The final winner of the Phase8 shootout was an easy and quick choice by the group.
We had narrowed the choices down finally to three versions in the Phase 8 deck each with it's own merits. But in the end there could be only one and it was a very easy determination
by the group. Of course it was the configuration with the most expensive pieces and parts but they really made a difference. The soundstage is huge and the dynamics are right on the edge
of realism, there is also a feeling of ultimate clarity and extension, most noticable in the upper midrange and the highs.

We remove the 7.5ips capabilities and the NAB EQ capabilities in both playback and record modes. The deck is now optimized for only 15ips and IEC EQ operation in both playback and record. This also removes from the preamps all circuitry associated with those operations and they are numerous! The wiring is redesigned to provide a direct signal path through the PB and REC preamps with the shortest signal path possible.
The playback volume pots have been removed from the signal path and that entire circuit shortened to remove any distortion associated with that circuit.  Of course we have used the latest and finest electrical components available today throughout the preamps.
The Phase6 deck includes Furutech Gold XLR connectors for input and output, also the Furutech Gold 15 amp IEC connector!

This is the statement in a reel to reel tape deck packaged in a one box consumer sized unit. The newest technology in these units will far surpass the capabilities of a 30 or 40 year old tape deck. With the Phase 8 deck you will hear a clear ultra pure representation of the recorded music. The dynamics and soundstaging are the ultimate expression of the source component. The benefit of the Phase 8 deck is that recordings made on the deck sparkle with purity in the high end, pound you with three dimensional midrange dynamics, and make the room shudder with ultra clean bass.
This deck is better than the deck that won Valin’s “Best Source Component” of the RMAF 2009!   

The latest from UHA!
UHA Phase11S-PB $19,000
The Phase11S - Record and Playback deck $23,000

UHA has an all new preamp design for 2014
The twelfth generation (model G-3.12) UHA preamp design.

1.) All new custom designed boards done in house by UHA! The new G-3.12 preamp.
 SHQM (super high quality materials) boards are used with both wider and thicker traces for much better signal flow.
All electronic parts such as resistors, power caps, RCA & XLR connectors, internal wiring, were chosen from various auditions done with parts from many manufacturers.
We kept swapping and experimenting over the last two years till we were happy with the synergy and the sound.
This involved many listen sessions with various people’s help. These listening sessions were divided into frequency range listening sessions,
we may only be listening to the “highs”, then “mids”, same with the low end till we could find nothing to pick at.

2.) A revolutionary new PCB design has eliminated all audio coupling capacitors in the preamp. There are no capacitors in the signal path to color or degrade the signal.

3.) The entire playback circuit (from head to output jack) is 100% hard wired.
As in there are zero plugs, connectors, gain, or volume pots to degrade the sound.
No lesser devices are used in the signal path. We govern the output of the deck by a proprietary process of gain stage adjustment and low impact resistive tuning.
If your goal is playback of the New Generation Master Tapes at 15ips and using the IEC eq, we recommend eliminating all the extra
 circuitry associated with NAB eq, and 7.5 ips playback. Also all of the muting circuits are eliminated in the deck.

4.) All new grounding system in the deck has been used.

5.) The internal wiring was sourced because of specific properties. We found that hyper pure “cast” solid silver ($$) from the playback head through the deck to the output connectors really improved dynamics and detail, we even used solid silver wire on the boards. This special wire is double shielded and has a braided Teflon dielectric, that braid is important to the sonic presentation of the wire, much better than just the typical solid extruded Teflon. This wire is also not extruded, the metal is “cast”, makes a huge difference in the sound.
On the record head we used the same manufacturer’s wire but in “cast” copper, the copper sounded better for recording.

6.) All new custom designed and much larger power transformer is used, (largest one we could get in the chassis).
This power transformer is separate from the transformer that drives the tape transport and motors.
This provides limitless power and results in greater dynamics and a coherent top to bottom musical presentation.

5.) The gain stages are each provided an exact and regulated delivery of power form a special system directly on the PCB.
Each gain stage is individually charged by it’s own separate power capacitors.

6.) A Furutech power conditioner, EMI filter with gold plated IEC inlet is used.

7.) Mu-metal shielding is used where needed on the tape heads, boards, outputs.

8.) New tape heads with a very low output and low impedance have been matched to the new “G3.12” preamp for continuity.

9.) The tape head is set into a mu-metal can for isolation from EMI plus a special compound is applied between the tape head and the mu-metal shield to provide damping and vibration control.

10.) The deck can be hot rodded for just RCA output or can be configured for voth RCA and XLR output.

"This one goes past 11"
The Phase11 project started with a some new component discoveries.

1.) A revolutionary new way to handle DC current, we do not amplify any DC in the preamp from one gain stage to another.

2.) New cast silver and copper wire discoveries.

3.) New audiophile power transformers custom made for UHA. New capacitive power delivery to each gain stage.

4.) New EQ configuration.

5.) A change in various electronic component values that brought more weight to the sound.

6.) These improvments were employed in both the record and the playback preamps.
The bottom like was a new preamp design for the G-3.12 preamp, some features of this new purity in circuitry involved
eliminating additional coupling (DC blocking) caps. This resulted in a measurable difference with cleaner bass response and equally as important, better phase response in the low end.

  This exotic mixture of preamp design with esoteric hand made parts found the last measure of electronic control across the entire audio spectrum.
 But the goal was to still keep the dynamic sound that the UHA decks are known for.

With the New G- 3.12 preamp Greg wanted to have a special tonal balance from the music, a natural top end and also the midrange and bottom frequencies in complete balance, then let the purity
of the preamp shine through with it's own sonic signature. Many trial listening sessions with the 6 listening experts using Master Tape copies
determined that the new Phase11S was the pinnacle of playback decks so far.

Phase11S Record Preamp:
The record preamp was given equal attention in the Phase11S as the playback preamp. Similar esoteric parts, changes, and adjustments, were employed.
This new Phase11S preamp required a new voicing of the record preamp to match the playback preamp and we are happy with the result.
The recordings made with this new deck are so good you may not be able to tell them from the source.

For the ultimate performance attainable from the UHA decks add an Outboard Power Supply to any model!
The Outboard Power Supply (OPS) for UHA Tape Decks

The award winning UHA Reel to Reel Tape Decks
March 2013
The new Phase11 tape deck wins a "2013 Editors Choice Award"!

Read Jonathan Valin's (The Absolute Sound Magazine) latest blog on the UHA Phase11
United Home Audio's New Tape Deck and Next-Gen Reel-to-Reel Tapes

Jonathan Valin speaking about hearing the Master Tape copy of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper.
I want to be very clear here, because, truthfully, I would’ve swooned if the mastertape of Sgt. Pepper had sounded terrible. Which, BTW, is pretty much the way the album (in stereo) has always sounded, no matter whose version you’re talking about. Anemic in the bass, dry and brittle and bath-tubey in the mids, crudely mixed (very left/right) with obvious manifold overdubs. Oh, there are some variations from cut to cut, but for the most part Sgt. Pepper didn’t make it to Number One on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Best Rock Albums of All Time—or Number One, with a dagger, in my heart—because of its audiophile-grade sound.
But the sound wasn’t awful. It was anything but awful.
If you think The Beatles couldn’t rock, I truly wish you had the same chance that I had—to hear this mastertape on this stereo via Greg’s Phase 11 machine. Folks, to say that this was a “better” sound, even “an extraordinarily better” sound, doesn’t cut it. This was a revolution.
I don’t know where to begin; the net effect was so overwhelming. Of course, the bass is the weakest thing on vinyl and digital. You hardly even know Paul is playing, much less rocking. But on the mastertape…on the mastertape, boys, it is an entirely different story. Here is Paul’s bass guitar the way you’ve always wanted to hear it—full, deep, incredibly powerful, and so clear and defined in pitch and articulation that it is easy to tell the McCartney was a heckuva player. Same for Ringo’s drum licks—some of which, like the bass, almost literally knock you on your ass with their slam—same with George’s garden of guitars. And the voices! It was like having John Lennon and Paul McCartney in my room with me. It goes without saying that there wasn’t a single cut that didn’t hold surprises in store—things I’d never heard and I’ve heard this album countless times.
Given the importance Sgt. Pepper has had in my life, the whole thing was so amazing it left me agog. I have never heard rock and roll reproduced more powerfully and realistically in my home or at a show in my entire life. And, guess what, it was just the start. Because thanks to Greg and Bruce I also got to hear a mastertape of the anti-Beatles, The Doors, performing “Crawlin’ King Snake” and that creepy “Hyacinth House” from L.A. Woman. When black bluesmen, like John Lee Hooker, sing “Crawlin’ King Snake” or “Back Door Man” the humor comes from the disparity between the “innocent” text and the sexual subtext. When The Doors’ Jim Morrison sings them, there is no subtext—and no humor. There was a reason why they called this guy "The Lizard King."

Editors Choice Awards 2012 and 2013
The Absolute Sound Magazine
March 2012 - Issue 221
"UHA's Greg Beron is nothing if not persistent. Each year he further perfects his 15ips reel-to-reel tape player
(a highly modified Tascam unit), and each year his latest deck raises the bar on realism in stereo playback.
The most recent top-line version of the UHA-Q, the Phase9, is unquestionably Beron's best yet. With the right sources
(i.e., select Tape Project tapes) it cannot be bettered by any other source, analog or digital."

UHA-HQ "Phase4" tape deck 'Golden Ear Award' winner.
September 2010
The Absolute Sound Magazine
The Tape Project and The UHA-HQ Tape Decks Review
By Jonathan Valin

I myself highly recommend the modified TASCAM decks from United Home Audio
which I gave a Golden Ear Award to in issue 202.
...on the best Tape Project titles,
it is without question the most realistic source component I've tried.
It is also exceedingly easy to use and a snap to setup.
...you will get more dimensional imaging, finer low-level resolution, somewhat truer timbres, simply phenomenal dynamics, astonishinly wide and deep
soundstaging, and greater overall realism on select 15ips tapes, and on the best of them, such as the Arnold Overtures, you will, as I said above,
get a sound that comes closer to the sound of a full orchestra in a real hall than any other recorded medium I've heard.

RMAF 2011 Report - Analog Sources
Posted by: Jacob Heilbrunn at 3:03 pm, October 19th, 2011
Jacob Heilbrunn's RMAF 2011 Report
But the most memorable cut for me was listening to Lee Morgan’s “The Sidewinder” at United Home Audio’s room
on a $17,000 Phase9 Tascam machine, which boasts, among other things, capacitors with silk as the dielectric.
It sounded amazing.

RMAF 2011 Report -
Loudspeakers Priced at $20,000 and Up
Posted by: Jonathan Valin at 2:02 pm, October 19th, 2011
Jonathan Valins RMAF 2011 report
From MBL I went down to the second floor and heard the $30k Von Schweikert VR5 Anniversary multiway floorstanders,
driven by Jolida electronics and sourced by Greg Beron’s UHA Phase 9 reel-to-reel 15ips tape deck.
The sound was excellent.
Tonality, spaciousness, dynamics—all first-rate. Of course, in a way this room was unfair.
Greg was playing back Tape Project mastertapes, including a freshly minted Beethoven Ninth,
and when they’re good those tapes are hard to beat.

Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, says of the UHA decks,
"On the orchestral tracks I listened to (dubbed from LP by Beron), the sound was just terrific.
 Open, detailed, dynamic as all get-out, and quite realistic. Another one of the best sounds at RMAF."

Jim Hannon Publisher of The Absolute Sound says,
"you can get surprisingly close to capturing many of their remarkable sonic attributes with a first-rate quarter-inch deck,
such as the marvelous United Home Audio UHA-HQ Phase Six with its upgraded electronics. When playing Tape Project tapes
(among others) through this retro tape-based front-end, my own home system has never sounded better."

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