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NEW! June 2011 MBL 116F Large Floorstanding Speakers $32,000

MBL 5011 Preamp $9592

MBL 8011AM Monoblocks $13,640 pair
(The 8011AM all new design, first dealer in the world to have them!)

MBL 9007 monoblock amps

Arriving in July
The new affordable MBL integrated 180w amp only $5800
Yes I said MBL integrated for only $5280.

Greg Beron and Jeremy Bryan of MBL
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The MBL 101E Speaker gets the
from The Absolute Sound
Plus information on the CES 2006,
MBL gets the final "Best Sound at CES 2006"

Read the latest reviews of our MBL Radialstrahler:
Music, Metropolis-Style
Why do MBL speakers look like something out of a classic sci-fi movie?
“...Whether I was in the mood for an intimate vocal disc such as Nina Simone’s After Hours, the exotic jazz of James Carter’s Chasin’ The Gyspy, the San Francisco Symphony’s recording of Mahler’s Symphony No. 2, or the eardrum blistering sounds of Led Zeppelin’s How The West Was Won, the MBL system seemed to morph in shape and size with each recording. Rather than bringing the venue to you, this system transports you to the event. It will play softly or scary-loud, sweetly or aggressively, big or small, with an absolutely thrilling sense of ease, refinement, and power...”
                         Home Entertainment Magazine
                   by Wayne Garcia
mbl 116 Radialstrahler Elegance
“A Challenging Vision”
“…their 116 provides the closest I have heard to a Holographicwork of art in a loudspeaker, one that sings and breathes as well. …the 116 approaches the most cinematic, viscerally felt and effortlessspacious presentation I have ever experienced in a loudspeaker. The 116 is seamless from top to bottom, with a power of transparent resolution, speed and effortless image clarity that is brilliant, both in music’s big flourishes as well as in its minute, filigree details.”
Stereo Times by Nelson Brill
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mbl Radialstrahler 116/121/111RC 5 Channel Surround Sound System
„Listening To Outer Space“
“The tweeter's performance was positively hypnotic—easily the best I've heard. And the speaker's overall balance was excellent. Yikes! The snare drum rolls and the horn flourishes have never sounded so fast, smooth and real in this room, nor has the presentation appeared so massive, spacious, seamless and complete.”
UltimateAVmag by Michael Fremer
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The new MBL 101E MKII Radialstrahler Speaker
The technological tour de force that has continually redefined audio playback for over 30 years. MK II’s are the refined version of the earlier 101e Radialstrahler which garnered worldwide recognition as a truly great and classic loudspeaker. A speaker that is equally competent at reproducing the delicacy of a string quartet and the bone crushing transient dynamics of a rock performance.

101 - MKII -Improvements
New Base Drivers - offering more control
Improved Upper Midrange
New subwoofer cabinet design, aquistic center more improved bottom end
New Crossover Technology
Retuned front to rear signal
New ring design surrounding the bass ports
Reduced speaker height, improved listening
New 101 -MKII grill design

Combining performance, looks and luxury, the 101e - MKII does not produce sound as a conventional forward-firing point source, but as genuine 360-degree-radiating omnidirectional spheres. “Radialstrahl” means to “emit sound in a circular signal.” The tweeter, midrange, and bass modules are each pulsating spheres, while a custom-designed subwoofer module is housed below. Each hand-finished 101e - MKII is a thing to behold—a sculptural device that benefits from classic German attention to detail, and obsession with perfection.

Due to its revolutionary construction the Radialstrahler is able to produce three-dimensional sound in the living room at home that corresponds to that of a concert hall. In theory, this concept is simple: Like a musical instrument, the Radialstrahler radiates the sound waves in all directions – not only in one direction like conventional speakers, effectively energizing your entire room with sound.

In practice, the concept is not as easy, of course. We had to develop and process the components and the materials that create such a totally new soundadventure.

The Radialstrahler concept includes a circular vertical arrangement of lamellas around an axis for each frequency range (tweeter, midrange driver and subwoofer). On the upper side, these lamellas are firmly glued in a thrust bearing and on the lower side, they are connected to a moving coil. If a pulse of music is now transmitted from the amplifier to the speaker, these slightly bent lamellas (therefore the Radialstrahler is also called “Biegeschwinger”) are oscillated – they radiate sound waves, in this case music. The result is a sound of unusual acoustic space and realism that is absolutely free from coloring, that is neutral and homogenous.

In order to meet the high demands, especially concerning realism, the numerous lamellas being arranged around the axis in the tweeter and midrange driver are made from one of the highest-quality materials: they are manually made from carbon fiber, pressed under a high pressure and hardened at an exact temperature. The assembly of the exactly controlled components requires absolute precision in fine mechanics.

The same applies for the lamellas of the woofer, which show the lowest sound distortion, when they are manufactured from an aluminum/magnesium alloy.

With other procedures that are not less complex we optimize the sound of all three systems in order to avoid distortions, vibrations and other undesired modifications of the sound. Thus, we attach importance to a highly effective system for cooling the moving coils, so that the coils only convert a very small part of the fed energy into heat that may have an influence on the sound. For such a high pulse power like that of the Radialstrahler (2200 W), this influence may be important. The mbl 101e -MKII still reproduces the most fast musical pulses like that of an orchestra neutrally and without any distortions, when many other speaker systems already have to give up.

In order to create a solid basis for the homogenous realism of the three Radialstrahler systems, we integrated a subwoofer into the mbl 101e - MKII that has also been carefully developed and that substantiates the precise play in the subwoofer range. Like the tweeter, the midrange driver and the woofer the subwoofer is submitted to the objective of the overall system as a whole: the natural sound. Accordingly, it is perfectly integrated in this 4-way speaker system which is unique – not only with regard to technology.

The sound of the Radialstrahler should be just perfect, but its appearance should not be less: Our acoustical showpiece should not only be just beautiful; it should be an esthetical pleasure, making the avant-garde design justified by its functioning a statement of the senses. And we have been confirmed from many sides that we got very close to our objective.

The mbl 101e -MKII simply lights up with natural elegance: It is modern and timeless in one, it differs in every respect from conventional speakers, but it is discreetly beautiful. It is a harmonic complement to every stylish living space without making a negative impression as musical furniture. specially as the Radialstrahler really sounds brilliantly everywhere). But whoever regards it deliberately – and which visitor would not like to do that? – will be bewitched by its appearance: even when looking at it, the manually selected materials make you feel like touching, feeling the brilliant workmanship.

But listening is believing. And it's safe to say that the new 101e- MK II provides a thrilling and unforgettable musical experience. Whether you're hearing it for the first or the hundredth time, the 101e- MKII is bound to raise goose bumps, to increase the pulse. With the 101 music doesn't seem to come from the speakers, but is simply there, in all its majesty and beauty.

THE new MBL 111 F


mbl 111 F - Radialstrahler-Hybrid System I

Regardless of the type of music you prefer – our patented radial-beam principle is the guarantee for your total listening pleasure. The sound waves are radiated spherically, thus creating a natural three-dimensional acoustic pattern.

The mbl 111 F gets its hybrid character from the use of complex pressure-chamber technology in the woofer range, which gives it an enormous bass foundation and two force-balanced chassis in the lower mid-range, which provide for virtually unlimited dynamics and impressive impact. Thanks to radial-beam technology in the mid-range speaker and tweeter, the sound of your music remains enjoyably airy and light. Even the finest nuances are reproduced with ease. The interplay between these individual elements gives this speaker sound with a purity and beauty that will impress you right from the very start.

Another technological sensation is the patent-pending “crystallizer”. This system is unique in the hi-fi range: you will experience music with more definition and less distortion than ever before. The unadorned silhouette inspired by the Bauhaus style can be elegantly integrated into virtually any home environment. And the form also makes a considerable contribution to optimizing the sound quality.

In this way, the mbl 111 F satisfies your desire for exquisite sound quality as well as for good looks that reflect classical understatement.

MBL new 116F Radialstrahler Speaker
MBL 116F Radialstrahler

Although MBL designed the 116 Radialstrahler Elegance to sell for just half the price of its big brother 101E, one listen reveals a speaker of greater similarities than differences; a speaker that can conjure the magic of your favorite musical artists into your very room.
“Radialstrahl” means to “emit sound in a circular signal.” And the 116’s tweeter and midrange act not as conventional point source radiators, but instead as pulsating 360-degree omnidirectional spheres.
This speaker offers the same dimensionality, refinement and resolution of the larger MBL's. Dual side firing sub woofers replicate the radiation pattern of the two woofers mounted higher on the enclosure for consistent room loading. Finish quality is immaculate and attention to detail is exemplary, qualities we’ve come to expect on all mbl products. The custom-designed bass enclosure houses a quartet of seamlessly matched low-frequency drivers—two 5.5” woofers, and two 8” aluminum subwoofers, which makes the 116 a true full-range system The 116 is a four-way design. Delicious MT-50 Radialstrahler midrange and an HT-37 Radialstrahler tweeter. Frequency response is 32Hz - 33kHz. The numbers don’t begin to describe the magical qualities these speakers possess.

Each hand-finished 116 is a thing to behold—a modern sculptural device that benefits from classic German attention to detail, and obsession with perfection.

Intended for medium- sized rooms, the 116 is fully capable of the "disappearing act" that marks each of mbl's Radialstrahler speakers as something truly special. Once you've experienced it, the difference between mbl's Radialstrahler designs and conventional speakers is the difference between merely listening to music, and being transported by it.

NEW 126 Radialstrahler
Pictures and info to come!

New 120 Radialstrahler
Pictures and info to come!