Celtic Silver Cables

Celtic Silver Cables

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NEW December 2011!
Celtic Silver Pendragon Cables
Starting at $1100

Celtic Silver Druid Interconnects
Starting at only $249

Celtic Silver Dragon Interconnects
8 strands of hyper pure silver starting at only $459

Celtic Silver Double Dragon Interconnects
16 strands of hyper pure silver starting at only $859

Celtic Silver Speaker Cables
Awesome value starting at only $999

True Audiophile Quality
Interconnects & Speaker Cables

Are you confused by all the cable hype?
We offer a simple logical approach to get the
best signal from one component to another.

The finest materials are used in all Celtic Silver cables!
99.9999% solid silver conductors!
Each strand encased in it's own Teflon shield!
Woven in a hollow Litz braid!
WBT connectors!
Hand assembled!  

Designed to be the best value in cables today!
After extensive research and consultation
with industry professionals we've designed
and manufactured the finest sounding cables available!

Myth #1 = Silver is bright, it isn't bright at all
it is detailed and liquid, more analogue sounding.
Exactly what you want in a cable, the fact is
right out of the box Celtic Silver cables will sound
better than your copper cables!
Don't be fooled by all the cable jargon
copper is copper no matter what you do to it,
and silver is a better conductor of electricity.
Many cable makers will hide the small gauge wire and
number of wires in their cable in a big shield.
It may look impressive but doesn't have enough wires
of a sufficient gauge to conduct the best signal to your
equipment. That's not what you want in a cable!
Excessive shielding can also rob the high end
from your music and defeat the whole purpose
of using silver cable in the first place!
Think of your audio system as a race car you've built
piece by piece. You've researched each component
and invested in the best engine, transmission,
suspension, and tires you could afford. Now, after all
that time and effort you're ready to see what
kind of performance you can get out of it, right?
If you really want the best performance from
you're hot rod car, would you put 87 octane gas in it?
Probably not, then why put copper cables in your hot rod
audio system when copper is less conductive than silver?
Am I making sense now?


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