Jolid 300B Single Ended Triode Integrated
Jolida 300B
 Single Ended Triode
Integrated Pre amp & Amplifier!
Even with remote volume control!
9 watts per channel from 300B power tubes.
Silver Satin finish accents and faceplate.

Expensive looking, You bet!
Expensive sweet detailed S.E.T. sound!
( Not $6000.00, Not $5000.00, Not Even $3000.00)
A typical Jolida value!
Only $2300.00!

I just listened to this amp yesterday and it is one of the best SET amps I have ever listened to.
It has that awesome sweet SET sound but with 9 watts still retains enough punch to drive many
different speaker choices. And the remote controll is dead quiet when adjusting the volume,
not to mention a great feature. If you want the sound that only a SET amp can offer this is the
amp for you, can you believe that price? Better act now before Mike raises the price!

Model JD 300B
An offering of a Single Ended Triode (SET) integrated amplifier for your listening pleasure. Cosmetically the unit is finished in white metal (oxidized/sandblasted aluminum). The unit has four inputs and two fixed outputs with 4 and 8 ohm five way speaker taps. One feature not found on many SETs is a remote control. We have found with the volume variability in different CD discs, the remote comes in handy with an 9 watt amp. The unit has high speed soft recovery diodes with german capacitors. Matched with an efficient speaker the clarity of the highs and midrange are matched with the weight in the bottom end. If music is art for your ears, the JD 300B may be your sound painter.
Construction Details and Features:
Fully Integrated Stereo Amplifier with remote control: Input 500mV driving 9 watts, maximum 12 watts output.
Multiple Inputs: Front mounted selector switch-CD, Tape Recorder, Tuner and Aux. (for TV, DVD Player, VCR or Computer).
Custom Wound Audio Transformers with a core of German grain oriented silicon steel. 15th generation proprietary design. Secondary can be configured for a 4 ohm or 8 ohm load.
Top panel bias testing terminal with bias adjustment controls.
State of the Art Components: ALPS audio potentiometer, gold plated RCA input jack.