Aesthetix IO / Callisto
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Io ECLIPSE with one power supply pictured below,
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"Listening" Review by:
Greg Beron UHA

What's different about the Eclipse?
I am surprised to say that this unit requires 200 plus hours of break in!
You really don't want to listen to it prior to 200 hours it will just upset you, however be patient!
We have figured out a system to break the unit in without putting 200 wasted hours on
your expensive cartridge, call or email for info.

We currently have about 200 hours on our IO Eclipse and here is what we hear.
1.) The clarity is staggering, perfect tonality from top frequencies to the very bottom all is perfect.
I am no reviewer with ad space to sell so lets be realistic, it's as perfect as the recording.

2.) The soundstage is just fantastic so three dimensional, sounds are suspended
in air and exhibit a very deep and wide soundstage. For my ears it begs to be turned up to concert level
I think it's because my brain wants to construct the realism of the recording.
In other words what the microphones actually caught during the concert, this can be precipitated
by listening on the MBL system which is capable of this kind of realism.

3.) I believe this unit to be quieter than the IO Signature, however I use Mullard 12ax7's
which are much better than Soviet tubes, in fact we are experiencing widespread problems with
Soviet tubes at this time, systemic problems! I would avoid them in this expensive unit,
call me for recommendations and be careful with them in your power supplies as well.
I have tried all kinds of 6922 tubes as well as 6sn7 tubes so I can tell you what
a brand of tube does to the sound. I have determined that he 6sn7 IO is very important in an IO,
it is like a tone control for the unit, you can increase or decrease the high end by changing
the 6sn7's. So it is important to know what is a neutral, bright, or relaxed 6sn7.
The strange thing is that the best tube was not what I would have expected,
From the 1940's I have Tung Sol round plates, Sylvania Chrome Tops, Ken-Rad Black Glass
GE, RCA Red base, Raytheon Short Bottles, and various other types.
I have tried them all and the best by far are the _________, didn't think I was going to
make it that easy, did you? The fact is it depends on your system, what do you want from it
more high end, neutrality, less high end?     
4.) The last thing I notice is a great pace and rhythm, no slow tube sound here, also no lack of bass
that sometimes tubes are guilty of. The bass is actually quite tight and realistic, like on some of the MFSL LP's like Beethoven's 9th where they really jacked up the bass I have noticed a buffeting noise on other preamps. Not so with the IO Eclipse, it all sounds thunderous for sure but no real buffeting
abnormalities have I heard, great!

The unit is also sounding better every day, each listening session is at this time better than the last.
I don't know how long this phenomenon will go on or at what point the unit stops breaking in,
   I will keep you updated!
Greg Beron

Aesthetix IO Eclipse
New cost no object output devices (gold film)

New Aesthetix Callisto Signature Line stage.
First pictures anywhere!
New IO Signature, first pictures anywhere!
The Signatures new GOLD caps in the front and large GOLD caps in the output!

Aesthetix Callisto
The best tubed linestage in the world!
Aesthetix Mark II and Signature Series
First introduced at the 1995 Stereophile Show, the Aesthetix Io phono stage and Callisto line stage have earned the reputation as some of the finest in the world, including a Golden Ear Award in 1999. Designer Jim White, formerly General Manager at Theta Digital, now devotes himself full time to his Aesthetix products and is proud to announce the Mark II and Signature versions.

The Mark II feature custom Roederstein resistors, replacing the standard metal film resistors in the earlier version. Custom made coupling caps feature twice the output capacitance to provide deeper bass and the ability to successfully drive lower impedances. The Io Mk. II features matched quad input sets of special 12AX7LP lower noise tubes for even quieter operation and increased dynamics.

The Aesthetix Balanced Volume Controls, found in both the special version of the Io and the
Callisto, now feature 2 layer printed circuit boards resulting in greater conductivity. In addition,
the Io with Volume Controls now features a single ended second input, which is then internally balanced, and dual mono front panel selector switches.

The Power Supply Chassis of the Io and Callisto have an improved high voltage insulated
transformer and both transformers utilize special damping material for lower mechanical noise. Custom Wima bypass capacitors replace standard film caps for improved sound. Many Aesthetix owners select a second power supply chassis for the true dual mono power to the individual
circuit boards in the audio chassis.

The Signature versions use custom-made inter-stage Teflon coupling capacitors, replacing the polypropylene units, with a cost factor of over 15 times greater per unit. Additionally, there are some specialized application very small value Teflon capacitors in the Io Signature. All of the input and output wiring is replaced with specialized Cardas Teflon coated signal wire. The result is a sonic purity, naturalness and transparency furthering the Aesthetix reputation for control, authority and dimensionality. The Signature units obviously take advantage of all of the Mark II advancements. Both original versions and Mark II units can be upgraded to Signature status.

Aesthetix Io
The best phono stage in the world!