NanoFlux Products new for 2016!

Furutech is pleased the new Furutech Nano-Technology AC cable. These cables are manufactured with the Furutech Nano fluid “injected/introduced” into the copper strands as they are manufactured, the idea being to fill up the tiny gaps in the crystalline structure with microscopic particles of pure Gold and Silver to allow better conductivity. The NanoFlux POCC cable is a Limited-Edition (Furutech has decided that they are going to make only 200 cables for world-wide sales).

It uses the FI-50R series connectors, of course. This is a truly revelatory cable!
The "hitch" with these cables is that they take an ENORMOUS amount of time to fully burn in and sound their best. Before that they are just plain harsh and not good. The "testers" have determined that about 300 hrs of use is optimum to begin to listen seriously, and the more you leave them in the system the smoother they get.
These new Nano-Tech AC cables are simply astounding, and I think they will find an enthusiastic cadre of dedicated users. It is hard to go back to non-Nano cables after tasting these…

New Furutech GTX-D (R) NCF wall outlets
$260 each

The burn in on the  is pretty complete now, although some would argue that the rhodium takes 3 or more months to fully break in.
I must tell you audio fans that it was a rough start, I was worried that I had made a mistake even a few days after installation!
Scot Markwell the importer said, yes, everyone says that...
He also added that the new NCF technology power cables are even worse when you first plug them in.
Says he keeps a few burning in 24 x 7 on a cable cooker just to soften the initial blow when he sells one, freaks people out less. Ha!

My conclusion at this point is that these new Furutech GTX-D (R) NCF wall outlets have elevated the entire system to a new level I have never experienced before.
They were easily worth the price of admission!
I was very familiar with the sound of this system over a few years and it is clearly better now, no question.

How can this small wall outlet connection point in this big audio chain of components and cables be this profound? It really doesn't compute.

But here are some definite changes that are clearly audible.
1.) The bass is tighter.
2.) The midrange pops with greater dynamic swings.
3.) The highs are more pure and refined.
4.) The soundstage is more balanced and seems more active.
5.) There is more 3D activity side to side and front to back.