CES Consumer Electronics Show 2007
The High End CES venue moved to the Venetian Hotel
Very nice we like!
Ceiling at the Venetian

Canals, very nice!

Greg Beron and Jeremy Bryan VP of MBL USA

Next to the all new awesome MBL 101X Speakers
The new 101X left channel speaker 2 pieces!
 Radialstrahler tower and matching woofer tower to the left.
Four towers per pair of speakers!

Greg, are you #$@&?+ nuts I can't sell this Master Solution turntable for that price?
OK, That's better!
Robert Suchy of Clearaudio next to the Master Reference TT we bougt for the store.

Large Magico speaker $130,000

Clearaudio new magnetic levitation arm!

High End Aesthetix rig with remote volume control for the Callisto line stage, nice action on the remote!

NEW HRS stand nice!

CES 2007 Page 2

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