Celtic Silver Speaker Cables

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Speaker Cables
Pictured with optional WBT Silver Spades
Celtic Silver
Speaker Cable

6' Pair $1200
8' Pair $1450
10' Pair $1700
12' Pair 1950
Any size can be special ordered!

Biwire Pairs
Special order Bi Wire pairs are available!
Two wire runs per pair (twice the wire)
64 strands of solid silver wire per pair!
6' Pair $1799
8' Pair $2200
10' Pair $2700
12' Pair $3200
Any size can be ordered!

Have you ever seen so much silver in one cable!
Pictured with optional WBT Silver Spades
16 strands of 22 gauge 99.9998% silver wire per speaker!
32 strands per pair of cables!
The individual wires are woven into a hollow Litz braid.

We have various options for connectors:
Solid Silver WBT spades $72each.
Eichmann solid silver banana connectors $215 set of 4.
Furutech Rhodium connectors are stock.
WBT spades are attached using the exclusive
WBT no hot solder technique!
This provides for a cleaner signal path with
no introduction of heat or foreign solder metals
in the cable. We even use the new solid silver
WBT crimping sleeves to provide a continuous
solid silver signal path, no lesser metals are
used in Celtic Silver Cables!

Each speaker cable is assembled using a strict clean room effect,
our cables ate assembled by a technician wearing surgical
gloves and mask to avoid any contamination of the wire.