Celtic Silver Pendragon Cables

The new cable by Celtic Silver
The Pendragon series

Pendragon Interconnects starting at $1,100 .5m pair
1m pair = $1398
1.5m pair = $1598
2m pair = $1998
Eichmann RCA or XLR

Hyper Pure silver wire woven around an inert damping tube provides the following benefits.
1.) Uniform geometry by weaving the conductors  around a stable damping tube.
2.) Added stability and vibration control.
3.) Anti static properties of the damping tube reduce errant electronic fields and provide
a cleaner signal with reduction of  frequency modulation.
Eichmann RCA connectors

All this results in a "musically fast" cable, you will notice the components that make up the music,
the attack, sustain, and the decay of notes are more intricate and each component is broken up into many different tonalities.

Celtic Silver Pendragon Speaker Cables
8 foot pair starting at $2500 / 16 strand silver cable
8 foot pair starting at $3500 / 32 strand cable

Only Hyper Pure fine finished solid silver wire is used in the Pendragon Cables.
Each conductor is in it's own sealed Teflon dielectric shield woven around an inert vibration canceling tube.
This allows for a perfect geometrical alignment and stabalizes the conductors against the dielectric and outer shielding.
Special radial geometry is employed that reduces outside interference from outside sources, such as but not limited to, Electromagnetic Interference or Radio Frequency.