Arc Master Universal Cartridge Alignment Tool

Turntable set up event:
January 30, 2010 at 1:00 pm.
Greg Beron will conduct a turntable set up event
featuring his new ARC MASTER cartridge alignment tool.
Don't miss it!

Only $169.95!

The easy way to align any virtually any tonearm and cartridge, simple!
There has been over a year of research and development of this alignment tool.
Precise effective lengths for all the tonearms was provided by each tonearm manufacturer for a perfect alignment process.
Greg Beron worked with a Senior Mathematician employed by the Pentagon for 32 years to determine the proper arc for each arm.
These arcs were programmed into his computer and then transferred to a precision laser cutting machine to produce the ARC MASTER
to guarantee perfect precision of each arc.
How to use the Arc Master:
1.) Look for your tonearm on the left of the Arc Master, determine the tonearm length
from the legend and find the length of your arm in mm.
2.) Look for the corresponding arc on the right side of the Arc Master.
3.) Make sure that the stylus tracks the groove as it would on an LP.
The arc has been cut by a precision laser machine to a depth that is just less
than half the average depth of a stylus, so your stylus will fall into the groove like it does on an lp.
When you are tracking the groove from start of the groove to the end of the groove, then go to the next step.
This will provide the most precise alignment of your stylus for the best setup available.
4.) Then go to #2 on the Arc Master the Baerwald Loefgren alignment.
Make sure your cartridge / cantilever (better) is aligned in the blank center section between these 6 parallel lines.
5.) Go to # 3 on the Arc Master and check alignment with the second Baerwald Loefgren lines.