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$4300 pair
Adagio Floorstanding Transmission Line Loudspeakers
Only $4300 pair!
Even includes this beautiful burl finish
at no extra charge!

Adagio Standmounted Rear Reflex Ported Loudspeakers Pair $3500
Adagio Jr. Center Center Adagio Standmounted Rear Reflex Ported Center Loudspeaker Each $1750
Allegro Subwoofer Allegro Subwoofer Each $3700
Speaker Stand Speaker Stand Speaker Stand for Adagio Jr. and Adagio Jr. Center Pair $300

ACOUSTIC ZEN cable products are engineered by legendary cable design artist Robert Lee. Each is hand-crafted in California and built to be a state of the art addition to any refined audio-video system. Acoustic Zen interconnects, digital and speaker cables, as well as our power cords and s-video cables are crafted from the most exquisite materials available. They have been designed for precise Musicality, extraordinary Sonic Dynamics, and maximum acoustic Transparency and Soundstage Accuracy.

At Acoustic Zen, we have one goal: to enhance our customers' private musical enjoyment. Therefore, at Acoustic Zen, we seek

"MUSIC... No compromise!"

In the October 2006 issue of The Absolute Sound, the Adagio received the coveted Editor's Choice Award:

"The Adagio's strength is a rare degree of clarity that spans its entire range. Elements of its design-transmission-line mid/bass enclosures, modified circular ribbon drivers-contribute not only to the speaker's overall lucidity, but to its seamlessness, tonal accuracy, sparkle and sweet detail in the highs, richness and nuance in the mids, and depth and detail in the bass. The soundstage is satisfyingly wide, deep, and high. Presented with any kind of music, this speaker is generous with the goosebumps. Reviewed by SR, Issue 162."

The Acoustic Zen Adagio was the recommended Loudspeaker in the September 2006 issue of The Absolute Sound article "6 Awesome Budget Systems!".

The Adagio was privileged with a "Most Wanted Components Award" in 2006 from Stereotimes.

The Adagio was twice venerated with the Positive Feedback "Writer's Choice Award" in 2006 from Greg Weaver and Jim Merod.

The Adagio received the coveted "Blue Moon Award" in 2006 from 6-Moons, their top award.

Over the years, Acoustic Zen has been well known for designing award-winning cables that delivered musical joy for countless audiophiles. Now, after several years of research and development, Acoustic Zen has developed the world's lowest distortion and musically coherent loudspeakers ever! Through innovative design and technology, the Acoustic Zen Adagio Loudspeaker Systems deliver music without compromise.
The Adagio Floorstanding Loudspeaker is a two-way transmission line system featuring a 1.5 inch circular ribbon tweeter and dual 6.5 inch midrange/woofer "underhung" voice coil drivers. The drivers are configured in a time and phase aligned D'Appolito configuration providing lifelike imaging over a larger sweet spot range. The Adagio features superior cabinet construction and aesthetic contours that actually reduces cabinet diffractions. The Adagios are perfect for any room in the house, providing music with detail, clarity and accurate music reproduction.
Type Two-way transmission line
 Woofer 2 pieces 6½ composed of doped ceramic coated fabric cone, 2 ½ under-hung
(short voice coil /long magnetic gap) voice coil linear motor system, shielded 7oz Neodymium magnet.
Tweeter 1 5/8 Round Ribbon, shielded 3.5 oz high flux energy and high temperature resistant magnet structure.
Nominal Impedance 6 ohm Sensitivity 89 dB / 1w / 1 meter
Crossover 3 kHz / 18 dB / Octave Linkwitz / Riley Crossovers.
Frequency Response 30Hz -25 kHz ± 3dB
Power Handling 50 - 200W
Weight 78 lbs each
Dimensions 48 (H)x 9(W)x 13(D)